AmbiLight Modul for Modul8 with DMX Output
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    AmbiLight Modul for Modul8 with DMX Output

    by ArmInSky » Sun Oct 23, 2011 12:11 am

    hello ,

    it is possible to build a modul , that can calculate an ambilight on the four sides of a Videoscreen and send the RGB dates via USB - DMX to any kind of RGB Fixtures
    or DMX lighting console ??? Something like that : ... l=de&tl=en

    i think it is a big thing ... when all of the stage lighting can follow the colour information on the right place (left,right,up and down)of the video content in "real time" like an ambilight ... any Lj in the world will kiss your hands ... !!

    So i can find many solutions with google for that problem , but they are almost for PC only and just most of the time for Home Cinema use with some extra controller Hardware for LED Stripes ... and so on ... The PcDimmer Solution from Christian Nöding is the best thing i can found in the web ...
    It includes colour correction , damping ...

    maybee the idea starts to grow up - in the Modul coding community !?!? ;-)

    cheers ArmInSky
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    Re: AmbiLight Modul for Modul8 with DMX Output

    by VjKg » Thu Nov 03, 2011 5:11 am

    If I am reading your post correctly then depending on the depth behind or in front the LCD you could do this effect with an out of focus projector. Much more expensive would be a LED panel mount on the back of the LCD. LED DMX stage lights could do this if Modul8 can report what color is in what part of the screen. Then trigging that color via DMX commands is relatively simple.
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    Re: AmbiLight Modul for Modul8 with DMX Output

    by sigmasix » Thu Nov 03, 2011 9:07 am

    This has been added to our features request list (a keyword for modules that can return an array of colors from a grid taken in the output image or something like that). It's been freshly added so depending on how hard or easy it is to implement it will take quite long to have or less longer ;) That will definitely NOT be in the next update.

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