I'm curious...!
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    I'm curious...!

    by eyeborg » Sun Nov 20, 2011 9:18 pm

    I understand it's good practice to at least create new material in full HD for future use, but...

    What pixel dimension do you all use at the moment for your medias / clips?

    Now that I have a fancy new MacBookPro with an SSD hard drive I feel I could move up from using my old 640x480 size medias.

    My projector is 1024x768 so I guess I could use that if I connect to it directly. But most of the time I like to mix M8 with DVD's in my Edirol V4 even if it doesn't look quite so crisp and clean. Does the V4 affect the final output resolution? I could never figure out if the V4 alters the size :oops:

    grete :)
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    The Midi Thief
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    Re: I'm curious...!

    by The Midi Thief » Tue Nov 22, 2011 11:55 pm

    The V-4 does PAL(720x576) and NTSC(720x480) which is a 4:3 proportion. You could however do 16:9 on a V-4 if you squish your composition and let your display stretch it back to 16:9. I googled it and found this thread on a church forum that explains it pretty well http://www.churchmedia.net/forums/video ... -16-a.html.

    So theoretically you could do full HD if you don't care about using your V-4. That's 1920x1080. But ask yourself - does your footage need to be that high resolution? Sure, you have a fast SSD that can handle it but will the audience care? Can your projector or screen handle full HD? There is no need to add all that weight if you don't need it. Also consider 1280x720 which is the step below (often mentioned as HD ready). Think of all the production time you add by rendering everything you do in full HD. If you have good storage capacity you can do you clips in full HD and then render them down to whatever size you need right now.

    But forget about HD and your V-4, it's just not possible.

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