5 or 6 full HD projection
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    5 or 6 full HD projection

    by perspixe » Wed Nov 30, 2011 2:07 pm

    I have to experiment with something but doesn't know module8 so i am looking to learn if that is possible or not.
    I need to project 5-6 full HD video feeds (source whatever format, mp4 at present) on a 3D physical form a bit like a sphere.
    These video feeds should be played in sync, will need to be a bit distorted (grid) and moved around by keyframing of the the length of each (1-5mn).
    And they will need some feathering (masking, irregular shape) to blend them together at the seams, no need keyframing there as the projection sphere is static.

    I'll be glad if anyone can tell me if Modul8 could do all these things or only some.
    Thank you

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