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Re: RAM pre-load vs uncompressed

Posted: Tue Jul 28, 2015 10:05 pm
by broken
gmint wrote:Interesting, I've not seen such an issue. Have you tried setting "When imported, a media is stored in memory when its size is less than" and "When opening a new project maximum preload memory size" both to zero? I know that sounds like an odd choice, but in my use I've found that actually loading the content into RAM takes longer than just playing it directly off of an SSD... Might be worth a try in your situation.

That's what I've been using for both those settings actually.

I thought it might have been my Samsung SSD RAID degrading, so I updated the firmware and formatted new to make sure it wasn't my disk speed being affected.

I'm just in the process of copying everything over to a fresh 10.10.4 install, which has better driver support than 10.9.2 which I was on, so I'll report back if anything changes with the upgrade.

I've been making sure all my clips are 30fps so there's no mis-matched framerates in my library.. and they play flawless in just about anything else.. kind of stumped, hence the upgrade lol

thanks for the suggestion

Re: RAM pre-load vs uncompressed

Posted: Tue Jul 28, 2015 11:49 pm
by broken
Well I got my new install of 10.10.4 going, and loaded up my test project and forgot to turn on Antialiasing while doing the configuration and it seems like this may be what's been giving me grief on a few random videos :( d'oh

I had used it set to High in the past without issue with most of my clips on a GTX 760, but every once & a while a clip that wouldn't stutter/freeze before would freeze in the middle of a set, I'd put it into Ram preload for the rest of the night and be done with it until the issue would pop up again.

Thinking it might have been related to maxing out my VRAM (I was actually at max most of the time) I upgraded to the GTX 780 with 6gb, and didn't change any Modul8 settings, just made sure I had newest video drivers.

I know there's a warning about the trace modes, but in all my testing everything worked fine on all the clips I used at the time. These odd ball problem clips weren't part of my tests I guess.

Having Antialiasing turned off seems to have helped a great deal with this annoying 65mb loop that would glitch when it's the only video loaded at all.

Re: RAM pre-load vs uncompressed

Posted: Thu Jul 30, 2015 4:56 pm
by broken
Spoke too soon.. Just encoded a bunch of videos for a show into HAP and all of them stutter on the loop around regardless of Antialiasing :(

back to PhotoJPEG I guess