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    template designer wanted

    by artdepartment » Fri Mar 29, 2013 10:15 pm

    Hi fellow modul8 users - i have recently started using module - i am a grandVj user - I am looking to hire someone to design a custom template for me

    right now i use modul8 to process live cameras since grand vj doesn't like my blackmagic ultrastudio for camera inputs -

    typically i take camera inputs as DVI via a folsom screenpro and i'd like to create some presets for inputs on my livid ohm controller

    i'd like to also program the controller to use the livid matrix for content for playback-
    currently i'm using two macbook pro's - one running grand vj for the content and one running modul8 for the camera inputs-

    i'm really a lighting designer and not a programmer and i'm honestly too busy to learn how to customize modules right now

    i am in la but totally open to work with anyone, anywhere via skype and email
    my deadline is april 5th so i need someone to work fast-
    please email em at artdepartmentx@mac.com and we can set up a call to discuss specifics and then discuss a fee


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