Question for users that sync with Ableton Live!
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    Question for users that sync with Ableton Live!

    by Scapegoat » Sat Apr 27, 2013 10:56 pm

    First, thanks for checking out my post and for being willing to help a brother out. Before I purchase the software maybe you can help me out on if this is the best software for what I need it to do right away. I have 30 remixes hat I have done and I have made 30 videos to go with each song and have 2 MacBook pros. The master will be running ableton live so I can mix and play my songs and the other computer will be dedicated to being the slave for playing my videos. I need to be able to trigger each video because my transitions will be spontaneous. I have a launchpad that I hope can do this. Question, is it easy to do this right out of the box? Is there any issues in the syncing that I should know about? I know that modul8 has way more to offer than just playing my videos and I will incorporate more of that when I get comfortable with the software, but for starting off, I just need the software to play my videos in sync, with no issues. I Am assuming I can just thunderbolt out the video signal to my projector. Thanks for your help, pardon my ignorance.

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    Re: Question for users that sync with Ableton Live!

    by vanakaru » Tue Apr 30, 2013 8:54 am

    You can sync/connect two mac's via networkMIDI where anything you do in Ableton would be echoed in M8 on second mac.
    If the launchpad has MIDI OUT then you can split the signal and get the same triggers to both machines via 2 MIDI to USB boxes for each. This would be the most reliable since it use real wires. But you can connect two macs with ethernet cable as well.

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