new demo user, with some question
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    new demo user, with some question

    by ritchard » Sun Oct 27, 2013 5:03 pm

    hello all,
    I have been messing around with modul8 for a little bit in demo mode.
    It seems to be the program for me. I did have some questions , I apologize if any of these are
    redundant and ignorant.

    1. can't seem to figure how to midi map multiple layers at the same time.
    is this possible. (example: assign 3 faders to 3 different layers)

    2. do registered users get free upgrades? and how many versions are free if any?

    3. can modul8 sync with ableton live 9 natively

    4. is there a place where new features that are being worked on can be viewed.

    5. what is the best way to prepare my media video , photos for modul8

    thanks for any help.

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