broken Projects
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    broken Projects

    by shveddi » Wed Dec 11, 2013 8:49 am

    Good afternoon.

    I am from Belarus and I use google translator. Because translation may be incorrectly .

    Faced with the problem and many potereyal Projects summary . When you record a disc using a combination CMD + C. Modul8 suddenly shuts down with an error . After that, when opening an already long -existing Projects . It is empty and an error. Assessing the pros and cons . I noticed that this happens when the disk is fully stocked . AND PROJECTS file becomes 0 bytes . It turns out that your program first deletes the file and then writes it without determining whether there is space on the disc. Accordingly, after the removal and can not be written off .
    It would be great to fix this problem . Incorporating residue analyzer disk space before recording )))

    Sincerely, Sergei.

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