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Determining onscreen layer rotation including autorotate

Posted: Mon Oct 22, 2018 2:30 am
by geoffmatters
My module needs to know the z rotation of each layer. However I can't manage to get the final z rotation including the effects of autorotate. I thought that direct_layer_rotation_z would be the final, actual rotation:

layer's actual visible z rotation == direct_layer_rotation_z = ctrl_layer_rotation_z + autorotate

But, direct_layer_rotation_z doesn't seem to include the effects of autorotate. Autorotate seems to work outside the module system as an extra inaccessible fudge factor. The model seems to be more like

layer's actual visible z rotation = ctrl_layer_rotation_z + direct_layer_rotation_z + autorotate

Is there a way to determine the actual onscreen z rotation of a layer?

[context: I have a CoreImage filter that adds a drop shadow within the pixel data. Autorotate of the surfaces causes the shadow to move also. In order to hold the "light source" to a constant angle, I need awareness of the final onscreen visible rotation of the layer.]