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Fade loop module?

Posted: Thu Feb 15, 2007 12:16 pm
by cycloptic
would it be possible to create a module which would fade (for example) the last 10% of a clip's timeline into the first 10% on a loop (isntead of a straight-cut loop or the back-and-forth one)?
i think this'd be incredibly handy for us video clip types

Posted: Tue Feb 27, 2007 12:48 am
by boris
A good idea but seems not possible yet, sorry.

Posted: Tue Feb 27, 2007 7:44 pm
by cycloptic
ah that's a shame, i started trying to work it out myself but i couldn't see how it'd be done

Posted: Thu Mar 01, 2007 3:27 am
by boris
With two layers my be possible...

cycloptic wrote:ah that's a shame, i started trying to work it out myself but i couldn't see how it'd be done

Posted: Fri Mar 02, 2007 3:52 am
by cycloptic
well i was thinking some kind of version of the slideshow module with the fade function ON where it would return the same clip instead of passing to the next one, but it's a really complex module and i couldn't find the bare bones of the "when clip finishes, pass on to the next in the series" function to edit.

the problem with using two layers is that i'd have to create a seperate function that would allow me to change the media on both layers at the same time... and i simply don't know how...

another point is that if i used the bpm-associated-with-clip-position-knob it wouldn't take the fade function into account, so i'm waiting for the outocme of the module someone's working on which would match the clip speed to the bpm to give a bpm-synced loop that way....

i really can't beleive it's this complicated! perhaps in a future version, along with smooth/linear/cut/in/out there could be an aditional button of fade-in/fade-out? i think this would be VERY useful for all kinds of things, not just clipfading.

Posted: Sat Mar 03, 2007 7:39 pm
by jm302

I would guess that even if you got your module working, it would eat up a bunch of CPU trying to process the crossfade while also playing clips, effects, etc. Doesn't seem like the most efficient solution. I personally crossfade all my clips in AE prior to importing to M8, nice and easy.


Posted: Fri Apr 20, 2007 7:57 pm
by cycloptic
yes obviously i do that too sometimes for making loops, but i'm looking for a DYNAMIC way of doing this that would apply to more than just clip-fading

the module would overlay the last 10% of a linear item/function (the space between in/out points of a layer, or the lower/upper limits of an effect for example) over the first 10% and transition between the two during that period. this wouldn't eat more cpu than having two layers, would effectively create a pulsing if applied to a gauge-type function, and would allow a kind of MORPHING BETWEEN EFFECTS!

i guess it's a lot to ask... but i would kill poeple at random for this module... and for some dynamic equivalent of the tracking effect in aftereffects...