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Filter (global) Beta 0.1 for FreeFrames

Posted: Mon Oct 22, 2007 8:14 pm
by DJSare
Filter (global) Beta 0.1 for FreeFrames

Hello modul8 freaks
My spcript is online, my first python script. Thanks for all other modulscripter.
You can use this module to send midi to a freeframe filter fader, global mode.
The script is not perfect and text, audio and bank layer not ready to use.

Have fun :wink:


Posted: Wed Mar 05, 2008 4:07 pm
by treas

today i tried your module. for me it seems the solution for this problem i´ve posted today:

Great work, Merci!

some questions:
- i don´t understand the function of the round buttons in the filter edit boxes and the x-y field
- is it possible to assign more than one x-y field to on effect (if i´m right, only the first 2 params of a effect are assigned to a x-y field?)
- i don´t understand for what the filter speed/speed to layer is
- it seems, that the effects are always on all banks/layer sets. can i change this?

a suggestion:
for my opinion the format of the module is difficulte. if it would be less broadly but more highly it would be more practicable
(i know i could change it by myself, but i´m not good with "moduling", but perhaps i will try it)

because your module really seems the solution for me, i´m very interested in following versions! also in testing before you would release a new version!
So i hope you have the capacities to work on :wink: