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    Save a module

    by klebowax » Tue Mar 01, 2005 9:17 am

    What I noticed when I was busy with a module:
    - When you have in module8 a set which isn't saved yet.
    - Then if you are busy in the module, changing code and then press apple-s (save a set), not apple-alt-s (save a module).
    - After that I press cancel, because I only want to save the module.
    - Then you lose the last added code.
    - I think it's a small bug, but inconvenient. because you want to save because you are happy with the code. Now sometimes you have to rewrite it.

    other things:
    - make the online library to sort on date. Or give the option to sort.
    Because i think there will the a lot of modules in the future.
    - Now we have to use a pulldown to select a 'event'-code-page.
    Would it be an idea that we can open all event-pages next to each-other. This to get a fast overview.

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