. Free Frame intrinsicFX (vjfx.com) and Modul8 v2.6 test
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    . Free Frame intrinsicFX (vjfx.com) and Modul8 v2.6 test

    by anomad » Tue Jan 05, 2010 6:42 am

    . after spending too much time wondering what effects from vjfx.com would actually work on a mac w/modul8 - if they'd work at all - i decided to scrape up my vj tip money and buy the full IntrinsicFX pacakage. (and they were on sale, so that helped too! )

    . edit to add - i bought the Mac versions, not PC (in case that wasn't clear)

    . i just spent the last 4 hours experimenting with the effects and here are my results (running Modul8 v2.6 on a MacPro OS X 10.6.2 ) note: i probably spent ~5 minutes w/each effect -- so while not an exhaustive test, i believe all effects that are listed as working to be stable

    IntrinsicFX - Modul8 v2.6 tests

    - A mixed bag of working, not working and do not load...

    IscEchoLight1_ub.frf ! crashes Modul8
    IscFluid1BW_ub.frf ! crashes Modul8
    IscFluid1_ub.frf ! crashes Modul8
    IscGlow1_ub.frf works
    IscGlow2_ub.frf works
    IscGlow3_ub.frf works
    IscLightGrow1_ub.frf works
    IscMICrop1_ub.frf does not load in modul8
    IscMIDisplace1_ub.frf does not load in modul8
    IscMIRefColors1_ub.frf does not load in modul8
    IscMIRefDelay1_ub.frf does not load in modul8
    IscMIReflection1_ub.frf does not load in modul8
    IscMISmoknEdges1_ub.frf does not load in modul8
    IscMotionFade1_ub.frf works
    IscMotionFade2_ub.frf works
    IscPaint1_ub.frf ! crashes Modul8
    IscRefleColors1_ub.frf works
    IscRefleDelay1_ub.frf works
    IscReflection1_ub.frf works
    IscTileCircles1_ub.frf works
    IscTileCircles2_ub.frf works
    IscTileCircles3_ub.frf works
    IscTileDelay1_ub.frf works

    - All plugins work

    - Plugins do not load into Modul8, but that makes sense b/c they're designed to use two inputs and fade between them

    - All plugins work, but since they're transitions to themselves they're not very interesting...

    - All plugins work

    - All plugins work, except
    IscTile3DInv1_ub.frf works but using Zoom3D crashes Modul8

    - None of the plugins load into modul8

    IscKeyBumpMap1_ub.frf does not load in modul8
    IscKeyCellular1_ub.frf does not load in modul8
    IscKeyChroma1_ub.frf works
    IscKeyChroma2_ub.frf works
    IscKeyChroma3_ub.frf works
    IscKeyDifferenc1_ub.frf does not load in modul8
    IscKeyFoldsRGB1_ub.frf does not load in modul8
    IscKeyFoldsRGB2_ub.frf does not load in modul8
    IscKeyInvColBur1_ub.frf does not load in modul8
    IscKeyLuma1_ub.frf does not load in modul8
    IscKeyLumaRGB1_ub.frf does not load in modul8
    IscKeyStamp1_ub.frf does not load in modul8
    IscKeyXOR1_ub.frf does not load in modul8

    - All plugins work

    - All plugins work

    - All plugins work

    - All plugins work

    - All plugins work

    . overall, i'm really pleased w/my purchase and say it's a great effort from Thomas @ vjfx.com - some of the effects included are absolutely stunning. i'm planning on coding some to audio input levels and making some test videos soon...

    (a nomad. )

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