Things Happen´s interpolator new module
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    Things Happen´s interpolator new module

    by thappen » Thu Apr 08, 2010 3:04 pm

    Hello all,

    We are happy to introduce the "Things Happen´s interpolator" module.

    The module has been wonderfully programmed by Philippe from Iduun´s team. And it´s been designed following the same idea of our previous live video performance tool: visualophone, that we developed with Isadora.

    Our way of playing live video is to create a sense of organic space where the images have smooth continuous movement, as if they were moving on a physical environment.

    With this module you can restart the position, rotation, and scale in every layer, appling smooth movements with diferents curves, and also you can update those values in your midi controller.



    The first column is reset buttons with interpolation so they don't "jump" to their default position.

    The second column is go-come buttons for taking the image in and out the projection space.

    The third column is for choosing the layer you want to apply the intepolation to.



    Set the duration of the recovery and speed for go-come.

    Also different ease functions to describe the curve of the movement



    You can update these values in your midi controller...

    We hope you enjoy it. And thanks to all the community for sharing their creative minds.
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    by VJnutcracker » Sat Apr 10, 2010 7:05 pm

    Nice work, thanks for sharing...i've got a 9 hour set tonight so will be jamming with it.

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