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Fast y Blur ?

Posted: Sat Jan 03, 2015 12:46 pm
by pele2010

is there a way to blur only the y-axis ?

i only find ctrl_layer_pixelFX_blurType : o for x and 1 for box ?

could this be done with "python" ?

i am working on type blurring and the combination of x and y blurring looks quite good.



Re: Fast y Blur ?

Posted: Sun Sep 18, 2016 1:26 pm
by pele2010

I found a way.

If you use the "filter" module there is a filter called M8 blur (box).

If you use this blur you can fix the cursor down the y-axis.

This way you get a nice looking y-blur .

So the only question is now , how I can access this Value to a slider?

I can´t pick it with the keyword browser ....

thanks Peter

Re: Fast y Blur ?

Posted: Mon Sep 19, 2016 6:48 am
by anomad
pele2010 wrote:So the only question is now , how I can access this Value to a slider?

. short answer - you can, but it requires writing a module.

. a while back i uploaded a module '120 avFX' to the public library and it uses audio to change a parameter from a free frame effect. the key parts of the module are the effect definition and the parameter you want to change. basically, in PeriodicalEvent() you have:


. in this case, useFXlist is a dictionary of effect definitions that contain all the currently active effects and their parameters - if you look at the code, it might make a bit more sense. so, you add a slider and assign it to a variable that changes 'Level X' in the array of dictionaries in useFXlist (in my example).

. hint - to find out what the parameters of a filter are - open the Filter(layer) module and go to the bottom of the Init() and find def setFilters() - the last line is commented out, uncomment the line that says

print filters

. for Blur (Box) - you'll see something like this :

[{'FILTER': '(M8) Blur (Box)', 'PARAMETERS': {'Level Y': 1.0, 'Level X': 1.0}}, {}, {}, {}]

. remember, Filter(layer) lets you do four effects - the other three are empty {}. {}, {}

. so you can cut/past the definitions and send them to modul8.setFilters() to enable them.

. good luck!
(a nomad. )

Re: Fast y Blur ?

Posted: Thu Oct 06, 2016 9:56 pm
by pele2010
Hey ,

thanxs james!

very helpful.

today I found another filter!

If you use the (M8) Alpha Blur (Box) [it´s the first filter in the filter menu]
And if your layer has an alpha channel (png+alpha or photoshop+alpha) ,
then the difference between the 2 blurs is astonishing.

while the normal box blur blur the complete image the alpha blur
is not blurring around the alpha channel. And this can make quit nice effects.

here is what I mean:

not a big deal, but I wanted to share this.