Need help for simple custom (slideshow)

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Need help for simple custom (slideshow)

Postby Maelable » Mon Apr 20, 2015 8:25 pm

Hi everyone! This is my first message here, so here we go!
I need to customize the Slideshow module in order to be able to controle the fade duration. By default the fade duration seems to be 0,5 sec max. i would like to know if i can increase it, let say from 0 to 20 second max. This is the first time that i want to modify a module, it seems to be approximatly the same language than Processing or arduino, but still i don't find the way.

I tried to increase first the value of the max value of the knob in attribute window, than, in the script window i found this crlt_FadeDuration that is basicaly set on 0.5. But this didn't work... I tried other stuff but, i need definitly more knoledge. This is for a gig this weekend, can someone help me a bit?
Thanks by advance!
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Re: Need help for simple custom (slideshow)

Postby anomad » Mon Apr 20, 2015 10:24 pm

. the modules use Python as the programming language

. in MessageEvent, you can add

Code: Select all
   modul8.setValue ('ctrl_layer_transition_durationDelta', 2,0)


Code: Select all
elif msg == 'ctrl_fadingDuration' :
   feedbackLock = 1
   modul8.setValue ('ctrl_layer_transition_durationDelta', 2,0)
   modul8.setValue ('ctrl_layer_transition_duration', ctrl_fadingDuration,0)
   feedbackLock = 0

. and that will slow things down considerably when you have the 'fading' button selected and move the knob to the right of the fading button

i found this crlt_FadeDuration that is basicaly set on 0.5.

. that just sets a default for the variable which is changed when you rotate the knob

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