Delete Layers in Hidden Layer Sets?
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    Delete Layers in Hidden Layer Sets?

    by Invisible Ray » Thu Nov 19, 2015 7:54 pm

    This is a question about improving rendering performance, so if my assumption here about rendering is wrong, please let me know.

    Short Q: Is there a way to use script keywords to delete layers in a set without changing the UI to that set? I see that each active layer has a unique ID, but I can't find how to deactivate a layer by ID. It looks like I need to have the layer set active in the UI to delete layers in that set via script.

    More details of my setup:
    Scenario: layer set cross fader is active, so I have A & B layer groups, and I have a bunch of things happening on various layer sets. Only one layer set is being rendered to the screen at any given time. The other sets are just set up and waiting to be activated when I select the layer set or change from group A to B.

    It seems that when I have a bunch of things going on in different layer sets, screen rendering performance bogs down after a while, even though most of the things aren't being rendered at any given time. To fix this, I've created a module that allows me to select any of the A or B layer sets and deactivate (delete) any layers in the selected sets with a single button.

    It works great for the layer sets that aren't in the active group, but I want to be able to delete layers on non-active layer sets in the group that is active. In other words, if Group A is active, and I'm showing layer set 1 of group A, I want to be able to delete all the layers on layer set 2 of group A without switching the UI to that layer set.

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