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    :::.:..:Memoria 0100110101:::...:::.:.:...

    by lamepantallas » Sun Oct 05, 2008 7:34 pm

    Memory must have an object. What happens when the object of memory disappears?

    :.:..:Memoria 0100110101:::. is a video poetry installation created and performed using Modul8. Five 3D objects with different dimensions placed on a black wall, 5 simultaneous and different videos(mixed). One projector.

    :.:..:Memoria 0100110101:::.is a Live Cinema installation which explores the transformation of our senses into objects, in mere machines that receive and register. :.:..:Memoria 0100110101: explores the neutralization of human emotions, how we substitute basic human functions with technological prosthetics, the essential dedifferentiation between an object and person.


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