Research: Future of Audio-Visual-Jockeying
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    Research: Future of Audio-Visual-Jockeying

    by TekTix.BOB » Thu Aug 27, 2009 7:36 am

    Hey guys,

    I'm doing research for a paper I'm writing and i want you to discuss the following questions:
    .) How will VJing look like in the future (focused on technology and art)?
    .) Do you think that DJing/LiveActing and VJing will come closer together or will both be done by one person?

    Cheers and thx for your comments!
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    by Vibber » Tue Sep 01, 2009 11:07 am

    OK here's my five cents. Nothing scientific just my thoughts:

    Q: How will VJing look like in the future (focused on technology and art)?

    I think the tools will continue to develop and wereas now we have tools with a pretty steep learning curve in the future we will have visual apps on every level. So that newbies (or people who are not VJs but just want to play around) will have entry level VJ apps as well as small fun apps and games that have a visual element to them. Apps that you need no special skills or knowledge to use. This is happening already in the iPhone app store market.
    In the other end of the spectrum there will be further developments of the programming frameworks we see know that give endless possibilities but demand specialized knowledge of the developer. I think these frameworks will melt together so that you have control over visuals and control surfaces all in one easy to use API. And then of course there will be new advancements all the time in technology. Flexible thin screens for instance - that will be a revolution once they become affordable.

    I think the term VJ will be out soon. Such a silly term anyway and besides I think we will stop putting it all under one umbrella term. New and more specific terms will be developed for those who do visuals in a club versus those who do projection mapping for art installations etc.

    Q: Do you think that DJing/LiveActing and VJing will come closer together or will both be done by one person?

    I don't think there is a general answer. there will always be specialists and I think for big productions it will always make sense to have more hands (and heads) each taking care of their own thing. But I definitely think that tools will be developed so that 'one man shows' can do audio and visuals more easily.

    In some sub cultures and musical genres DJs probably will use visuals but in some gnres they will probably prefer to be old scool 'vinyl purists'.

    Also I think AV-mixing will have a niche scene as it already has had for a while.
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    by The Midi Thief » Tue Sep 01, 2009 4:16 pm

    Related to this: What research is being done on interfaces for VJing at the moment? Most examples I see are multitouch á la Minority Report and that's about it. Most multi touch projects I've seen has a lag which makes it pretty useless for live performance. But as the involved technology speeds up, I guess that will be solved sometime in the future. I'm however not so sure that multitouch interfaces are the best method. What other kind of interfaces are people experementing with?

    And regarding DJs/VJs/Live acts merging: There are people good at music, there are people good at VJ:ing and there are people that has talent for both. Sure, As Vidder says, there will be consumer products that lets you do all of it and as more technologies gets available to the public, we will see more experimentation from all fields. I'm just not looking forward to seeing/hearing it so much. But of course, in that chaos a few new geniuses will be born. But I can't stop thinking it's like giving a kid a toy trumpet - it's going to sound terrible.

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