V-4 Squeeze Issue
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    V-4 Squeeze Issue

    by VjKg » Wed Apr 04, 2012 7:38 am

    I have been working on a new show rig and I had the idea to run my powerbook g4 and 3 cameras through my V-4 out to a DV convertor and into my MacBook Pro as a layer in Modul8. This could then be shrunk down and be mapped.


    I then got the idea to squeeze 2 of the inputs in the V-4 via PIP. Below is a video of my problem. It is my belief that my issue could not be explained well in this forum. If anybody wants my settings I may make a true tutorial with my DSLR not my cell phone. Especially if I can find a fix for my issue.


    Also if you stuck with me through my meandering video above here is me not resisting the urge to map my new rig after it was setup.


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