Ident Competition. Win £250!
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    Ident Competition. Win £250!

    by seanQC » Wed Sep 05, 2012 4:49 pm

    Hi everyone,

    iLoveQC announces its very first competition and anyone can enter!

    The winner will bag £250!

    iLoveQC is a new company on a mission to embower creatives using Apples amazing free software Quartz Composer.

    Quartz Composer will speed up your final cut edits, give amazing interactivity to your dj and vj sets creating in time and on beat visuals effortlessly.  

    We are looking for an ident that will capture our highly creative fun loving character while still making sense to corporate clients and djs.


    On the site we have put our logo file on the free compostions page, so you need to register to access that page but once you have just click the big "download free files" and you'll see the logo at the top of that page.

    From there it is up to you feel free to model in in 3d / do whatever.

    Bonus points for a pure quartz composer / rendered and edited qc creation but i just want something that looks awesome and will appeal to corporate film editors as well as vjs and djs so you can use whatever you like.

    Your final piece should be a 1080p or 720p pro res or animation encoded mov or an uncompressed avi stick it somewhere and send me a link to it via a facebook message to the ilove qc facebook page or the main site. If you create any 3d models or additional assets zip them up with your entry for bonus points.

    We will try to feature as many entries as possible and you whilst you will retain the copyright to your work you will, by entering, grant us unlimited rights to use your work.


    We are after FRESH, ORIGINAL, CLEVER and EYE CATCHING ideas.

    You will also be able to show off your work to the iLoveQC community.

    Entries created using Quartz Composer will be treated preferably ;)

    CLOSING DATE 19TH SEPTEMBER but we will start featuring them as soon as we get them so get cracking!!

    For any more info just go to the main site

    Good luck.


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