Bitte hilfe sie mich meine laptop ist gestolen
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    Bitte hilfe sie mich meine laptop ist gestolen

    by yac » Sat Dec 26, 2009 7:22 pm

    Hello users,
    I had a mac aluminum 15"...It was stolen in Berlin after a gig. Whats special about that one is I had customized it. I removed the rear bezel and painted the apple with window paint to look like a macintosh apple..bright red apple with green leaf..
    If anyone sees this laptop being used ANYwhere stop the person using it and call the police, I made a police report with the berlin police.. My name "YAC" is scratched in several places including inside the rear bezel and under the battery...Please help me find my machine. ALL my information was on it, along with VERY personal things and i dont have backups about 3gigs material were also stolen with the carrycase..
    thanks so much for any help..
    John Yacobellis
    call to america 001-347-379-9732
    If in berlin call 030-848-57-666 ask for mo or gary they receive it if found
    John Yacobellis

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