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multiply outputs
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    Re: multiply outputs

    by mad-matt » Thu Mar 02, 2017 2:48 pm

    I need to use 2 projectors with MadMapper on MacBook pro. can I connect the projectors to the thunderbolt outputs?


    what if I use an HMI split? in this case, MadMapper will think I'm using 1 projector?

    If you resolution is something like 3840 x 1080, MM will understand there's a splitter and will show in a form of tree the full output in the "screens" list, as well as two child item for each output. Works with Matrox DualHeadToGo & TripleHeadToGo, and Zotac splitters (no more produced). Should work with any device in this configuration. If you're using a DataPath X4 that would do the split in 2x2 screens (ie 4 FullHD as a single 3840x2160), MadMapper will not be able to understand there's a 2x2 splitter. I don't know what configuration it enables, but from what I heard that's the best device for doing that, a bit expansive compared to Matrox splitters, but reliable...
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