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Multiple Surface Setups
  • cshields214
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    Multiple Surface Setups

    by cshields214 » Mon Sep 19, 2016 9:22 pm

    Hey Mappers!

    I've got a challenge for one of my shows. I'm projecting onto a 5 tier square cake and am creating 3d animations that make the cake looks like its being built and animated. The animation itself would be made in maya but then rendered out as a 2d image that I can map. My usual show set up is to just animate the shows in 2d in After Effects to then map that flat surface to the 3d surface of the cake.

    I've figured that I would have to change my mapping setup for the 3D effect to properly work. My question is, is it possible to connect a certain set of surfaces and maps to one piece of video and then a whole new set of surfaces to another piece of video. Then have that run with their proper surfaces on the minimad.

    I appreciate any help/advice! :)


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    Re: Multiple Surface Setups

    by mad-matt » Mon Sep 26, 2016 5:24 pm

    With MadMapper 2, of course, you can have different surfaces for each visual (the simplest is to create surface groups to organise them) and make groups visible/invisible depending on the visual you want to play.

    Using the MiniMad surfaces won't change, and you can't alter "visible" parameters of surfaces using MiniMad. But MiniMad is made to map fix setups, and surfaces should match the physical world which doesn't change in your case. You should just arrange your content differently. If some surfaces should just be black when using a certain visible, make it in your visuals. Is that clear ?
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