What is the native rendering resolution of Modul8?

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What is the native rendering resolution of Modul8?

Postby garageRoot » Thu Jul 29, 2004 7:24 pm

What is the native rendering resolution of Modul8 ?

There is no fixed native resolution in Modul8. You decide the rendering resolution when you configure the second screen of your computer (on a dual display machine). In other words, Modul8 uses the full screen resolution to composite the final image. The maximum resolution is fixed by the video card.

Also all your medias are rendered in their native size. All the effects and the filters are applied without scaling down the original size of your media. Of course, if you change the size of the media outside Modul8, it will have a different size in the composition. It means also that changing the size of the media can make huge difference in terms of performance.

Please also note that Modul8 applies a bi-linear filter to every layer in order to reduce the pixelization and to increase the quality of the rendering.
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