Is Modul8 based on Max?

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Is Modul8 based on Max?

Postby garageRoot » Thu Jul 29, 2004 7:26 pm

Modul8 core technology is based on the Open Media Toolkit framework that was developed by Yves Schmid during the nineties and commercialized by Pacific Media WorX. OMT is now an open-source project available on the GarageCUBE site. Yves Schmid then created an authoring program called the g3Studio. Both OMT and the g3Studio have been entirely developed in C++ (with some Objective-C parts). The g3Studio uses the Python language for all the scripting. The Modul8 high-level part has been developed by Boris Edelstein in Python using the g3Studio and its API designed for real-time applications.
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