How do I install Modul8 on a 2nd computer?

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How do I install Modul8 on a 2nd computer?

Postby garageRoot » Thu Jan 26, 2012 3:57 pm

If you purchased the basic license you can authorize Modul8 on 2 computers.

If you want to authorize Modul8 on a 2nd computer simply transfer the software using a hard disk or USB drive, or download it on that the 2nd computer through the yourspace page. Then use your serial number to authorize it.

You can authorize and de-authorize as many times as you wish within the two computer limit.

If you will no longer be using Modul8 on a computer you must de-authorize it before deleting it. To do this select from the main menu 'Modul8 > De-authorize Modul8...'
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