MadMapper Timeline Control Vezér QLab VDMX? Mac
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    MadMapper Timeline Control Vezér QLab VDMX? Mac

    by ProjectileObjects » Tue Aug 13, 2019 8:13 pm

    I know people have asked but, I haven't seen a straight forward answer about this. I'm trying to control an A/V project that is 1 hour long. To automate the change in opacity of various interactive layers inside of madmapper, I have considered Qlab, Vezér, or VDMX for the project. Does anyone have a recommendation? The audio, video and DMX controls are all currently in sync coming out of Madmapper, but the interactive layers will need to fade in and out manually. I'd like to avoid porting this project over to Millumin or another platform.

    (another question I didn't see answered is how to sync something like Vezér to madmapper, so if a change happens the other one pauses and continues where left off (like a midi clock link / sync?))


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