sACN unicast support
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    sACN unicast support

    by meelow » Tue May 12, 2020 7:15 pm

    Hi MadMapper Team,

    I want to control hundreds of leds (many universes) via MadMapper.
    Does MadMapper offer sACN (E1.31) mode only in multicast?
    I fear to clogg up my ethernet bandwidth.

    MadMappers ArtNet does support unicast.

    There has been several questions on this board about unicast sACN:
    - ... ast#p31805
    - ... ast#p58115

    Any plans to implement this?

    PS thanks for this awesome software (and the lockdown offer - i probably will get hooked)
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    Re: sACN unicast support

    by mad-matt » Fri May 15, 2020 11:15 am

    It's not planned at the moment.
    Why not using ArtNet ? Artnet is better, unicast is working without manually entering IP addresses thanks to ArtNet Polling mechanism (ArtPoll / ArtPollReply). With sACN you would have to enter IPs manually, which can be a long task and prevents using DHCP.
    We might implement unicast sACN but since most good LED drivers support ArtNet it doesn't seem a big point. What's your driver ?
  • meelow
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    Re: sACN unicast support

    by meelow » Wed Jul 29, 2020 10:26 pm

    Hi Mad-Matt,

    thanks for your reply... it took me a while to revisit this forum :oops:

    i am using a Falcon controller currently ( ... er=product) that is connected to many WS2812B. For this installation i am using ArtNet and it works like a charm ( ... 2397088079)

    in future i want to use smaller, independent objects that are battery driven and are controlled via WiFi. I am building the controllers myself using a ESP8266 and a slightly modificated version of this software:
    They only recently added ArtNet support - which i will give a try soon. If that works i will stay with ArtNet :-)

    Still i think sACN with unicast might give your software a edge when it comes to really using a LOT of LEDs... (e.g. using this controller: ... er=product
    (i do not use DHCP but static IP adresses - that why i only have to enter adresses once and can do it before the show)

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