MadMapper 3.1 released
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    MadMapper 3.1 released

    by franz » Thu Oct 05, 2017 1:48 pm

    Hi, today we release MadMapper version 3.1 featuring:
    a DMX recorder
    a minimad update to playback your recorded sequences
    and NDI video stream input

    Download it from

    Full release notes:


    + Added Tools> Madlight Recorder: records DMX sequences in MadMapper and export it to the MiniMad !)
    + Added NDI input support ! They will appear in Live streams.
    + Windows only: Added a setting in Preferences / Misc: “Navigate in previews with a TouchPad” to use the touchpad scroll & pinch gestures in previews
    + Added an option to generate snapshots for Materials you create
    + Added GarageCube LEDs in default fixture library


    * Improved performances when resizing the window or previews
    * Various optimisations
    * Update Canon EDSDK to 3.6.1
    * Better support of strange GPU configurations on Windows, including computers with nVidia Optimus
    * FX “Color Controls”: saturation setting is now in additive mode (allowing to color a greyscale source)
    * When sending a crash report, you can specify your email and comments to give us better feedback, thanks by the way, it really helps!


    - Fixed a possible black rectangle appearing on UV preview on macOS
    - Fixed crash when disabling HID in Preferences / Misc and adding a mapping to PS3/4
    - Fixed issue with LED scanner on Windows
    - Fixed issue with Spatial Scanner using a DirectShow camera on Windows
    - Fixed a drag&drop issue in Windows
    - Fixed possible issue leaving fullscreen on macOS
    - Fixed possible issue starting fullscreen on Windows when having multiple GPUs

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