MadRouter - Artnet output values - how?
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    MadRouter - Artnet output values - how?

    by desilenceStudio » Thu Dec 14, 2017 2:13 pm

    Dear all

    I am trying to simplify a projector shutter control using the Mad Router app using osc inputs to dmx artnet outputs.
    I have been going through the help files - apparently it is not documented how to send dmx values. Only how to select channels:

    IE. I need to send value 0 to a dmx channel 2, and another output value 255 to dmx channel 2 how does the link/code look?

    This is what the apps gives me: (no value definition, only channels)

    Analysing with the 'monitor' on the artnet output no matter what I can only send the value '0' - the osc values does not seem to get looped though to the output either.

    The only way to achieve control over the this is by python coding?

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    Re: MadRouter - Artnet output values - how?

    by mad-matt » Tue Dec 19, 2017 3:45 pm

    What do you send to the OSC input of MadRouter ? Integers ? Floating point ? What value range ? If you send a float between 0-1 and you forward it to DMX output channel, it will do a round(floatValue * 255) so it should be ok.
    Also if you monitor the OSC input device channels (double clicking the input device in the device list dialog), can you see your channels changing ?
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