MadMapper 3.2 released
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    MadMapper 3.2 released

    by franz » Thu Dec 21, 2017 10:38 am

    Today we're proud to release MadMappper version 3.2,
    featuring: OSC Query, Ableton Link, NDI out.

    -Added NDI Output from the manage output
    -Added Ableton Link as BPM source
    -Added OSC Query support

    miniMAD Light updates:
    -allow automatic network config (DHCP) or setting an IP & network mask manually
    -4 new playback modes: Loop, Repeat Media List, Repeat Media List Randomly, Play media once and blackout, Play media once and freeze

    miniMAD Video updates
    -Added support for Micromodul8 MIDI controller
    -Controls: you can now control surface groups directly with one control for all children surfaces(i.e. “/surfaces/Group 1/red” )

    -Optimised ArtNet unicast output when using hundreds of universes
    -Hardware decoding improvements on Windows
    -Allow Controls on a locked surface (lock only applies to mouse interaction)
    -Various optimisations
    -FX Color Controls: you can colorise greyscale sources pushing the saturation up
    -Material Editor: displays ISF header error message to help you to debug.

    -Fixed HAP decoding on macOS 10.13 with AVFoundation (Hardware Accelerated)
    -miniMAD Light: fixed problem when controlling master opacity from MIDI
    -miniMAD Video: fixed reboot when using an very old miniMAD system
    -Fixed Cameras on Windows: a camera could stop updating after a few hours
    -Fixed ShowJockey output (now running exactly at 40 FPS on macOS)
    -Fixed opacity control when using an FX and blend mode IgnoreAlpha
    -Fixed a possible issue leaving fullscreen on macOS
    -Fixed undoing the rotation of a group of surfaces in Input Preview
    -Fixed an issue in Control List dialog / OSC channel combo box
    -Fixed a possible issue with soft-edge
    -Fixed Spout output: mask were not rendered
    -Fixed possible issue when deleting a preset with associated controls
    -Fixed alpha channel in Syphon/Spout output if using Subtract blend mode
    -Fixed LED Scanner with 1x1 pixels fixtures
    -Fixed Enttec Pro D2XX driver support on macOS
    -Fixed rendering issues with some AMD drivers on Windows
    -Fixed fullscreen on macOS when “Displays have separate spaces” is activated on Mission Control

    Enjoy !
    The madteam

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