MadMapper 3.3 released
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    MadMapper 3.3 released

    by Lupin » Wed Apr 18, 2018 4:20 pm

    Hi Folks, today we're proud to release MadMappper version 3.3, a great update for minMAD users.


    + Added support for masks in miniMAD
    + Added support for masks inside a quad surface in miniMAD
    + Added OSC controls to miniMAD Video and miniMAD Light (cf miniMAD user-guide)
    + Added support for movie loop in/out export to miniMAD
    + Added ArtNet unicast support to miniMAD Light
    + Added bezel support in video-wall new project template
    + Added support for PlayStation controller DualShock 4 v2


    * Improved miniMAD performance
    * Updated NDI SDK 3.5


    * Fixed miniMAD Light not respecting the exported sequences order
    * Fixed distortion when rotating a group of fixtures using shadow group if they were already rotated
    * Fixed an issue in ArtNet unicast output if several devices listen to the same universes

    Enjoy, keep creative !
    The Mad Team

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