Where to start and Template questions...!
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    Where to start and Template questions...!

    by moonchicago1 » Sat Aug 11, 2018 4:32 am

    Hi there guys!

    Ok so I'm ready to by MM, but I don't know where to start.

    I'm on a IMac, so I figured I need to build a template, but I don't know where the show will take place yet, so can I buy a projector right away to do some test in my home? What if the projector is not suited for the venue afterwards? Show I plan the distance (Throw) and projector placement a head or wait untill I know where I'm gonna do the show?

    And most of all, can I change the show. template at the venue so that the whole show will be projected in the new mapping on site?

    I never done this so I have a hard time understanding how the software functions on this. If I have 23 songs (23 scenes) with all different cues like videos and lights, If I get to the venue and change the ''Mapping'' of the template (the show quad I think you call it) Will that be good for all 23 songs or do I have to change everyone of them?

    Could I then, start building my show at home, not knowing at all the projection srfaces and just ajust them when I find a place to do the show?

    Also, can I build my show on my Imac and do the show on PC?

    OR should I have aplce and build the show directly in the room, with a laptop and projector..Do I need to do this?

    Thanks for all your comments!!:))

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