Wide angle zoom lens
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    Wide angle zoom lens

    by Mapattack7,200 » Sun Sep 09, 2018 6:15 pm

    Hi everyone.

    You'll have to excuse my basic knowledge, but I'm just starting out and I just had a basic lens for home cinema on my projector.
    I will use It sometimes for projection mapping work at home, but I need a wide angle zoom lens for buildings Etc, and I was
    wondering If you could help me with your knowledge with a lens I'm checking out now and let me know If It will be suitable
    for adjusting to the scale of different buildings. The lens Is a NEC NP30ZL 0.79 to 1.04:1 Zoom Lens.

    Thank you for your time It's very well appreciated If you can help me.
    Regards Mick

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