MadMapper 3.6.0 Release
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    MadMapper 3.6.0 Release

    by mad-matt » Thu Oct 25, 2018 5:24 pm

    Hi Folks, today we're proud to release MadMappper version 3.6.0, a great update for everyone !


    + Hardware decoding of codecs Hap, HapQ & Hap Alpha is now available in FFMPEG Player - so performances are excellent on macOS & Windows
    + Audio preferences:
    Audio input/output device selection
    Sample Rate setting (from 44100Hz to 96000Hz)
    Audio Buffer size (defines latency, to be adjusted depending on the audio driver quality, especially on Windows)
    ASIO driver support on Windows (some multi-channel audio cards won't act as multi-channel device until we use ASIO driver, and it allows a much lower audio latency)
    Audio analysis is now available for all audio channels (you have amplitude,bass,medium,treble for each audio input channels individually)
    + Allow changing media thumbnail per instance (allows having different thumbnails for two instances of the same material / generator etc)
    + Added media info popup to know media type / number & ID, which can be used to change media per surface from OSC / MIDI etc. Movie encoding is also detailed: codec, FPS, bitrate, audio channels etc.
    + Materials online library:
    Allow publishing privately (to have your material available on other computers without sharing to the world, until you made it clean)
    UI review (more intuitive)
    + Solid Colour generator with RGB / HSV / Color picker
    + Added MIDI Clock & MIDI Timecode support (for Controls)
    + DMX Fixture Antialiasing filter width can be adjusted (from 2x2 to 10x10 samples)


    * Quad Mesh Warping now supports cue transitions
    * Auto-scroll when dragging over the cue grid
    * Leap Motion: allow controls specific to left or right hand (or using hand number which may change depending on which hand is detected)
    * Optimised handling of a huge number of DMX fixtures
    * When distributing surface items horizontally/vertically - if two items have same initial position, order them by surface index
    * When using expression in DMX Fixture custom channels, check that their name is valid
    * Scenes/Cues: allow inserting multiple columns/rows at once (the excel way, ie: select 3 columns and choose Add Column Before/After)
    * When clicking a widget in Edit Cues mode with a Scene selected: select the corresponding property in the Inspector
    * Make Control channel more readable in Edit Midi / Keyboard etc...
    * Updated Canon camera with EDSDK Version 3.8.0
    * Update to latest NDI SDK (version 3.5)
    * On macOS, h265 / HEVC movies will default to AVFoundation player (supports Hardware decoding in recent macOS versions)
    * Accept DNxHD movie extension
    * Native support of YUV420P10 / YUV422P10 / YUV444P10 / YUVA4444P10 pixel formats (=> better performances decoding DNxHD or ProRes movies)
    * Enable DXVA2 (Windows) Hardware video decoding on HEVC (h265) & VP9
    * Improvements in Material Editor
    * Improvements seeking in movie when paused


    - Fixed a possible issue on Windows with fullscreen outputs when the different monitors have different scale ratio
    - Fixed fixture patch range display when using sACN
    - Fixed possible issue using OSC Query on Windows
    - Fixed cueing fixture line input geometry
    - Fixed Cue Scheduler after switching from seconds to BPM and back to seconds
    - Controls to a cue cell "by name" were broken after drag&dropping the cue to another cell
    - miniMAD Light: Fixed '0' key not triggering the 10th sequence as expected
    - Fixed issue when loading a ProRes movie with alpha on Windows
    - Fixed undoing transformations on a multi selection of line containers
    - Fixed issue with cues after replacing a movie file with another (or relinking when loading the project)

    Enjoy, keep creative !
    The Mad Team

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