MadMapper 3.6.3 release
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    MadMapper 3.6.3 release

    by mad-matt » Thu Dec 20, 2018 3:04 pm

    Hi Mappers !
    We released MadMapper 3.6.3, mostly for bug fixes but it also add a few options. You can download it from yourspace.

    MM 3.6.3 Release Notes


    + Cue scheduler: added "Skip Empty” (column or cell) option and a “Go Next Now” button


    * Added an option to have retina quality on previews on macOS (Preferences / Misc)
    * If the network interface chosen for DMX output becomes available after MadMapper startup, it will automatically start it (it could be an issue with some new Macs if MadMapper starts before the network interface has been initialised by the macOS)
    * Added support for all camera resolutions on macOS
    * ArtNet: be more tolerant to device Poll Reply to accept more device in unicast with polling
    * Update Canon EOS SDK to 3.9


    - On Windows, if MadMapper is on a display that is not the "Main Display" in Windows settings and that has a different "Scaling" than the main display, it wasn't possible to click on surfaces / handles
    - Fix in audio in/out: if a hardware declares itself to the OS as two separate devices with the same name (one for input, one for output), only one could work
    - Fixed compatibility of cue transition type between macOS <-> PC
    - Ctrl+C was sometimes broken on Windows
    - Fixed Video-Wall creation with bezels in portrait mode
    - Fixed Audio Input controls using per channel audio analysis (ie bass level on channel 2)
    - Fixed possible issue transforming multiple DMX Lines
    - Fixed possible issue on macOS with 4k projectors being detected as retina displays
    - Fixed issue when pasting a set of cues including empty cells at the border of the cue grid
    - Fixed surface / DMX fixture list display when there are many groups and horizontal scroll is needed
    - Fixed in AVFoundation movie player when audio level is linked to surface opacity
    - Cue Scheduler: when changing start/end row, reset current play position
    - Control using incremental MIDI cc are not taking care of the target range of the assignment
    - Fixed audio input level at startup


    The MadTeam

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