DMX fixture jump to an other universe
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    DMX fixture jump to an other universe

    by Fabioquiet » Wed Feb 27, 2019 8:02 pm

    I have to control around 16000 led RGB by artnet. I have pieces of 1 meter with 60 led RGB, so it means that every feature has 180 channels. When i create the second features, appears a new fixture from 181 to 360 channels, it is ok, but when i create the third i have a problem, becouse madmapper jump to the next universe starting from 1, but i have more leds to light (from 361 to 512 of the fist universe). So if i change by myself the numbers madmapper is able to create a fixture that start from 361 of 1°universe to 30 of the 2° universe, but i would like that it happen automatically. Is there this function? thanks

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