Workspace Setup for an Entire Room
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    Workspace Setup for an Entire Room

    by scones » Wed Jun 19, 2019 12:43 pm

    2-part question…

    We have a large (roughly 3.6m x 1m) wooden lightning bolt outfitted with addressable LEDS. We have two types of LEDS in alternating rows: 2811 12mm pixels at 50mm intervals and 2812b strips pixels which are much more dense at 60 LEDs per meter. We also have addressable LED neon outlining the edges of the lightning bolt and 2812b strips around the edges to backlight the bolt. We have 2 Artnet to SPI nodes to control the pixels. For the alternating LED rows, since the spacing between the LEDs are very different for the 12mm pixels and the LED strips, how’s the best way to map this with Madmapper?

    The lightning bolt is only one LED matrix in our room…the plan is to use Madmapper to tie in this lightning bolt with several other LED matrices, DMX lighting, and a projection-mapped mural all in a 7.5m x 15m room with 4m ceilings. What would be the best way to setup this 3D space/room in Madmapper and be able to sync all of these fixtures that will be on various walls, the floor, and on the ceiling including a projection mapped mural on a wall?

    Thank you in advance!

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