MadMapper 3.7.3. released!
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    MadMapper 3.7.3. released!

    by Benoit » Thu Sep 26, 2019 2:56 pm

    Hi Mappers!

    MadMapper v3.7.3. is not released with a couple of fixes :

    - Fixed generating visual instance thumbnail
    - Fixed switching on/off cue grid cell "Use Pixmap" setting
    - Fixed possible issue after reloading line surfaces

    The previous one already came with a lot of nice improvements and fixes + those 2 last versions are compatible with Catalina.

    You can download it through yourspace as usual,

    a reminder of the MM 3.7.2 release notes,


    * miniMAD Light activates the Artnet interface when available
    * miniMAD: improved jack analog output quality (mini-jack)
    * Show real screen resolution in projector "screen" combo box (handling HDPI - screen scaling for macOS and Windows)
    * Handle disconnecting/reconnecting a playstation controller at runtime
    * Optimizations in rendering engine
    * When updating a scene, add missing entries but for existing entries, just update value (keep transition settings)
    * Optimized ISF files rendering
    * Added Control on /medias/selected/assign
    * Updated to latest Canon EOS SDK - EDSDK
    * Updated Syphon SDK
    * Notarize macOS installers for macOS Catalina

    FIXES :

    - Fixed a possible issue with high FPS Camera input on Windows
    - Fixed MadLight playback not looping in some circumstances
    - Fixed miniMAD Light playback not looping in some circumstances
    - Computer sleep could be completely disable by MadMapper on macOS 10.14 even when closing laptop screen
    - Scrolling in surfaces with arrow keys was expanding surface groups on macOS 10.12 or later
    - Fixed possible issue on macOS when loading a project at computer startup
    - Fixed oscillators 1D/2D modules Phase setting
    - Changing multiProjector
    - Fixed possible issue on windows when disconnecting screens
    - Fixed handles position controls for selected surface
    - Do not show the GPU changed dialog when silent mode has been activated
    - Fixed memory leak on Windows when stopping / starting spout streams


    The MadTeam
    Benoit * garageCube team

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