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    by 56belair » Tue Oct 01, 2019 5:17 pm

    I need someone to educate we on what hardware to buy for a project

    I want to buy 8 1 meter LED bars that you see for sale in the link above. I need to find out what other hardware and interfaces I need to buy that will connect from my LED bars to my HP laptop.

    Can someone tell me if I need a DMX controller, a Micro Module, a MIni Mad?

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    Re: recomendations

    by Benoit » Tue Oct 01, 2019 5:53 pm

    Hi Paul,

    to run the LEDs, you need basically your laptop + the LEDs + a dmx controller

    If you need only 1 LED kit, then the usb-dmx controller is enough (it will handle 1 universe/512 dmx channels = the numbers of dmx channels of 1 kit)

    if you need that amount of LED bars (81), you'll then need an Artnet controller. It can handle up to 16 universes (and you can use it at the same time not only for the LED but for other devices as well)

    the microModul8 will be helpful for live performances but you don't need it necessarily for now

    same thing for the miniMAD : it's a MadMapper companion in which you can export your DMX (LED) fixtures. Very helpful as well but you don't have to get one right now. for both the MIDI controller and the miniMAD it will depend on your project...

    I would suggest : a decent laptop (...), MadMapper for the MADLight function (there is a free demo version available as well as rental version if you don't own a license yet), the LEDs and and an Artnet controller (for dozens of bars)

    feel free to contact the garageCube team on you can be put in touch with the team's LED specialists
    Benoit * garageCube team

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