What Pixel controller (certified) work with Madmapper?
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    What Pixel controller (certified) work with Madmapper?

    by blabberbytes » Tue Mar 10, 2020 11:07 pm

    So I'm working on a public 50 foot LED installation and wanted it to be powered by madmapper via a miniMAD. My issue is that i normally use a F16V3 which is a great controller but is not certified under NRTL (UL, ETL...etc).

    I will probably try to see if i can slip the F16V3 past the inspectors, but in the event they wont let me use the F16V3 what pixels controllers work with Madmapper are certified? Or perhaps there's another method where I can still use a miniMAD that I'm not aware of? What qualifies a pixel controller to work with Madmapper?

    I was looking at some of showjocky's DMX / artnet controllers + DMX Led strips. I suppose that could work as well?
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    Re: What Pixel controller (certified) work with Madmapper?

    by mad-matt » Wed Mar 11, 2020 10:18 am

    MadMapper should work with any standard ArtNet or sACN compatible pixel driver.
    You can have a look at garageCube hardware: https://shop.garagecube.com/
    If you already own LED hardware and just want to replace Falcon for your NRTL issue, you can checkAdvatek Pixlite. We often use it. It has the advantage of not being limited to DMX FPS and has inter-device communication mechanism for precise synchronization.

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