MadMapper 4 is out !
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    MadMapper 4 is out !

    by franz » Tue Sep 08, 2020 5:56 pm

    Finally, you've waited for it for so looooong.
    It took us a year and a Covid pandemic, but today,
    the MadTeam is proud to finally annouve the final release of...

    MadMapper 4.0.0

    We sincerely hope you'll enjoy this new version,
    as we've put love and passion to make it happen.

    To all users who bought or upgraded to MadMapper 3 after March 1st 2020...
    MadMapper is free. We've already upgraded your serial, all you have to do is download it from

    For the others, till Sept. 30 2020, the update is 25% off, at 75 euros.

    Here's the complete list of version 4.0.0 features, fixes and enhancements.



    + Surfaces:
    - Quad, Circle and Mask surfaces can have multiple masks, user drawn, made of editable Bezier Paths
    - Added Feathering on Quad, Circle, Triangle, Mask & Lines and on surface sub-masks
    - Quad / Circle Masks can be drawn and attached to the input media (attach to Quad / Input or Nothing)
    - Lines have been completely rewritten to be bezier paths, with user defined shape and joins
    - Added an option to generate lines from surfaces/fixtures outlines
    - Lines: improved animations and performances (single draw call for a whole line container)
    - Surface Groups have their own opacity / color levels - child surface will be affected (their opacity / RGB will be multiplied by their parents)
    - Surface Groups remember their perspective transform (stored in project)
    - Surface 3D: added Texturing Mode, if your 3D OBJ file has no UVs, you can use Triplanar, Planar or Spherical UV mapping !
    - Surface Group: added perspective option (without the use of Alt key)
    - Option to create a Line surface from a mask surface or Surface 3D geometry

    + New Quad mesh warping:
    - Points can be added freely in the quad (Alt+Click)
    - Added possibility to select and move a mesh warping horizontal/vertical segment / line

    + User Interface:
    - Cue Bank, Material Library, Fixture Editor, DMX Monitor etc. can be integrated in the UI or extracted and moved to an external screen
    - Focused widget (Surfaces, Fixtures, Media, Modules, Masks...) is reflected by a lighter color, it will handle copy/paste/duplicate etc.
    - New color widget: RGB / HSV & Color Wheel with support web colours (click the color rectangle => #FF0033 + handle copy / paste)

    + Added Surface Preview Groups: groups of surfaces that will made visible in the preview while being invisible in the output

    + Scenes / Cues:
    - Added the possibility to create / remove Cue Banks
    - Cue Bank "Live mode": pressing a cell will trigger the cue, no editing possibilities, just live triggers (nice with touch screens)

    + Modules:
    - New Calendar Scheduler module: put your scene/cues triggers in a google calendar or another calendar application, export it to standardized format ICS, and import it in MadMapper! No internet required, safe for install!
    - New Audio Player module: drag & drop your audio files (mp3, wav, aiff, etc) in MadMapper, create cues with it...
    - New Oscillator Bank module
    - New MiniMad Controller Module (details below)
    - New MIDI Out module (can be used with Cues and Controls)
    - New OSC Out module with Bonjour discovery (can be used with Cues and Controls)
    - New DMX Router module to route ArtNet / sACN universes to one or multiple USB DMX devices (Enttec Pro/mk2 / garageCube USB DMX)
    - Added value range in Oscillator module

    + New integrated Shader Editor (to edit Materials)

    + MadLight Recorder:
    - Added an option to record incoming DMX (from another application / light desk)
    - Added support for audio playback (with multichannel support) with audio/DMX tracks synchronisation option
    - Added playback modes
    - Added a sequence edition mode
    - Recording Start & Stop buttons are mappable

    + MiniMad Video & Light:
    - Added MiniMad Controller module: control your MiniMad s (Video & Light) from MadMapper. MadMapper will discover it if you connect them to the network. You can choose the MiniMad to control from the MiniMad Controller module. Then you can use Cues in MadMapper to schedule or automate your MiniMad (using Cue Scheduler module)
    - Added MiniMad OSC control feedback
    - Created two new miniMAD TouchOSC templates with feedback (cf Yourspace)
    - Homogenised and refreshed miniMAD OSC commands (cf miniMAD 4.0 user-guide)

    + MiniMad Light:
    - Support playing back audio file (with multichannel support - plugging a USB audio card to the MiniMad) with audio/DMX tracks synchronisation option
    - Support Artnet unicast with devices which don't handle ArtNet Polling (using the unicast table defined in MadMapper)
    - Added on-screen-display information
    - Added playback mode control using UP button & P key
    - Changes made on the miniMAD are now saved
    - Added luminosity control using buttons & USB keyboard
    - Added "Start with the last played sequence" option

    + MiniMad Video:
    - Support surface Feathering / masks (with feathering) / mesh warping for Quads
    - Support Quads, Circles, Triangles, Masks
    - Added a "direct-to-framebuffer" video playback mode for optimal performance when used on a screen (when no mapping / perspective correction is required)
    - Export settings are now saved in the project
    - MiniMad now waits for the projector/display availability to switch resolution and start rendering
    - Optimised graphics engine
    - Added Sync Group settings
    - Added audio-level control

    + Previews:
    - Single click to enter / leave edition of a mask / line
    - Click and release on actually selected surface will select the first surface behind it (circular selection)
    - When a surface is selected TAB => select next surfaces, when a handle is select => Alt+TAB select first handle of next surface...
    - Added setup button on previews (show FPS, highlight background, show master levels, show/hide deselected surfaces outline...)
    - Added options to arrange surfaces positions in input ou output (next to align / distribute / resize all)

    + Master:
    - Added Master Levels in master tab: Master (video and DMX) / Video Master / DMX Master / Audio Master
    - Added master video color
    - Added Engine Freeze / Freeze Video Outputs / Freeze DMX Output
    - Added Output Cursor size slider

    + Medias:
    - Multi-instance for videos, image folders & Quartz file: you can import the same movie twice and control them independently
    - Added the possibility to drag&drop a material in generators (the generator renders the material in a texture)
    - Added new Materials & refreshed improved a few
    - Added buttons to set movie loop In or Out frame from current playback cursor position
    - Support Blackmagic ATEM Mini & Blackmagic Web Presenter
    - Improved HAP decoding
    - New Generator: Audio Graph

    + DMX
    - New DMX Monitor with definable column count
    - Added DMX Fixture Circle to map a visual on a circular LED device
    - Added an option to deactivate ArtNet / sACN synchronisation (some device don't handle it properly)
    - Added an option to specify if a fixture slider should be affected by fixture luminosity (control a beamer PAN / TILT, luminosity will only affect RGB)
    - Support sACN as DMX Input
    - sACN output: added priority

    + Output / Engine
    - Windows Fullscreen outputs: major improvement in fullscreen outputs smoothness using Direct3D (can be disabled from Preferences / Engine)
    - Windows: associate projector target screen with hardware device serial number (avoid outputs to be swapped after reboot in some situations)
    - Support of 2x2 video splitters like Datapath FX4/HX4 or Matrox QuadHead2Go (any resolution above 2560x1440 will propose 4 accessible sub screens so you can create a separate projector in MadMapper for each output)
    - Added an option in Preferences / Engine to disable preview double buffering (unlocks FPS limit to screen frequency, nice for fast FPS LED setups)
    - Added an option in Preferences / Engine to force a fixed FPS (useful limit the FPS to 25 or 30 or to get a constant FPS NDI stream)

    + New FXs
    + Audio Analysis: "MadMapper Output" can be selected as input (so you can use audio of your movie tracks & audio players for audio reactive materials or for controls)
    + Workspace: added the possibility to define a folder at any location on the filesystem as the workspace, enabling sharing MadMapper resources in between machines through a file-sharing service like Dropbox, using specific workspaces for different projects, etc


    * Overall user interface improvements
    * Improved Material Library, supports drag & drop of a local or online material on previews or in media list
    * Better feedback when a DMX / Audio input/output device failed to start
    * Improvement playing back movie audio tracks
    * BackMagic: Added a new preference to enable Blackmagic devices through system compliant drivers (some BlackMagic devices must be handled with OS component - ie Web Presenter)
    * Updated to NDI 4.1 (supports NDI Hx, ie 4k streaming from NDI Camera mobile app)
    * Align / distribute / Resize when surface groups are selected handle group as an item (not treating each child surface individually)
    * When dropping visual files to output preview, create surfaces in current surface group
    * Improved MadLight sequence edition
    * Updated to latest BlackMagic SDK
    * miniMAD will preserve SD card lifetime by avoiding any useless write
    * MM Installer now installs Bonjour on Windows (for OSC discovery)
    * User Interface: groups of parameters in medias and surface FX can be collapsed
    * OSC: store OSC sources IP / port to send feedback on the right port automatically
    * FX: Improved Chroma Key
    * When moving a surface handle with SHIFT key pressed, handle vertical / horizontal or diagonal (new) constraints
    * Added front & back color to Text Generator
    * Spinbox values are now controllable by clicking and dragging the mouse vertically on the right side of the widgets
    * Deactivating a Module doesn't remove its parameters (this solves an issue when reloading a project with a module deactivated with Controls attached to its parameters)
    * On Windows if an ASIO driver installed on the machine is crashing, remember it and ignore this driver on next app startups
    * ArtNet output unicast on macOS: if multiple network interfaces on the machine have the same network mask, be sure the ArtNet packets will be sent over the selected network interface
    * Updated to latest NDI SDK
    * Added “select all surfaces in groups” in surface group contextual menu
    * Improved video-input devices support on Windows (MJPG pixel format + H264 stream support)
    * Optimisation when working with hundreds of surfaces / fixtures (editing, executing scenes/cues etc.)
    * Improved ArtNet unicast fluidity on Windows when some IPs are offline
    * Better handling of different Blending Modes with media alpha and feathering
    * On Windows, increase MadMapper process priority to avoid glitches when switching application + added an option to disable it in Preferences / Engine
    * Cue Scheduler module: added the option to use Cue Bank Column auto play settings

    - Fixed possible issue when stopping an NDI stream
    - Fixed issue loading RAW RGBA Y inverted movies
    - miniMAD Video: Fixed restart image display with "play once and blackout" mode with OSC
    - Fixed possible issues with DMX fixture sliders depending when using some characters in the name
    - Fixed a possible movie looping issue with some files
    - Bug fix in FFMPEG Movie Player with some pixel formats
    - Fixed possible issue changing camera video format after disconnecting it on Windows
    - Fixed possible issue after deactivating NDI output
    - Text Generator: fixed fonts on Catalina
    - Fixed possible issue with Spatial scanner going to the wrong output on macOS
    - Controls for next/previous media are now handling visual order (after reorganising visuals)
    - On Windows, when selecting ASIO driver type, donnot let user select a different device for input and output (not supported by ASIO)
    - Various fixes
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    Re: MadMapper 4 is out !

    by meelow » Sat Oct 03, 2020 12:26 pm

    Uhhh... I am really excited! Downloaded it and have time to play...

    I would love to test this feature:
    + Added Surface Preview Groups: groups of surfaces that will made visible in the preview while being invisible in the output

    Where can I find information about it?
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    Re: MadMapper 4 is out !

    by franz » Wed Oct 07, 2020 10:50 am

    we're working on a guide about the preview system

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