oscilloscope xy ~ vectrex monitor
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    oscilloscope xy ~ vectrex monitor

    by substance » Mon Dec 06, 2021 2:00 am

    hello :idea:

    recently i've got my hands on a lzx setup with a vectrex monitor , doing some vector synthesis and also using oscistudio for exporting
    3d animations , objects //

    if anyone has experience with ilda and xy screens // what it would take to have madmapper laser comunicate with an xy screen ( vectrex + lzx modules ) in realtime ?

    can i convert the output of madlaser in realtime to an xy sound format ?

    i've tried using a processing library that has syphon input and opencv postprocessing to extract the outlines ( similar to what mm does i guess ) but i'm running into some errors on windows and still trying to make it work. https://teddavis.org/xyscope/

    anyway , curios if anyone has more insights into this direction since i'm still a noob in the analog world . :evil:

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