MadMapper 5.1.5 released
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    MadMapper 5.1.5 released

    by Benoit » Tue Jul 12, 2022 12:34 pm

    Dear mappers,

    A new version has been released with improvements and fixes, listed below in the release notes.

    (It's free for v5 owners, grab it in the Downloads section of your user account, MadMapper website)

    MM 5.1.5 Release Notes

    * DirectShow Cameras: added a button to reset the device (will update available video resolution/formats which might change when switching video input on a device)
    * Improved Fixture import from CSV: respect CSV order, accept "," & ";" as separator & fixed universe number when using sACN output

    - MadLaser: Fixed issue when selecting multiple laser outputs
    - Fixed latency when using Enttec Pro D2XX as input
    - Fixed garageCube USB DMX as input on Windows
    - Fixed issue when unplugging the active audio input device on Windows
    - Fixed issue with some MadMapper password when connecting to library
    - Fixed possible Mach port leaks with some BlackMagic devices on macOS


    The MAD Team.

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