cue trigering of playlists
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    cue trigering of playlists

    by RicoWer » Thu Aug 04, 2022 9:05 am

    Hello, I've been using madmapper for a while, but only basic stuff, so please bear with me :roll:
    I want to create an interactive installation using firmata- there will be 10 buttons, every button has to trigger a different movie, followed by another movie that will function as "idle" state (a small animation with the writing"press any button") that will run in loop until another button is pressed.
    I really do not know how to gon about it: i tried to open diferent cue banks, thinking that each button will play a diferent one- it switches banks, but does not play the playlist. i dont know if i am using a wrong control, or that maybe i have to use the same bank with different rows... well, i am pretty lost. every thing i try plays only one movie, and doesnt autoplay the whole thing.
    Second question: is there any way that a firmata touch can run a random number of row/bank? so evrytime it gets pressed it will play another timeline?

    Thank you very much in advance, the app is amazing, and i am loving getting deeper in it...
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    Re: cue trigering of playlists

    by mad-matt » Wed Aug 10, 2022 2:50 pm

    Sorry for the late reply. There's a solution with cues & controls: you can make a cue row for each movie, with first column containing a cue triggerring the movie and second column with a cue triggerring the idle movie. The idea is that each button starts a movie cue (from the first column) and when the movie ends it starts the idle cue on the same row (column 2).
    To start the idle cue when movie ends, right click the idle cue cell for this movie and choose "Add Control / MadMapper / Media Playback / / looped"

    I forgot something here: if you make direct controls from your MIDI to movie cue trigger, it will trigger even if it's already playing a movie. But you'd like those buttons to have an effect only when we're in an IDLE cue. For doing that you need to make an indirection: connect your MIDI control to a Cue Scheduler module / Trigger Now button that will start the target "Specified Cue". So you would have to create one Cue Scheduler module for each MIDI control / movie. In this case you can store in the "movie cues" (first column) to disable all Cue Schedulers, so the "trigger now" will have no effect while a movie is actually running.

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