MadMapper 1.1 Released
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    MadMapper 1.1 Released

    by garageRoot » Fri Jan 06, 2012 5:15 pm

    Hello everyone,

    GarageCUBE/1024architecture are pleased to announce the release of MadMapper v1.1.

    It is available for anyone who currently owns MadMapper. To download MadMapper v1.1 use your serial number to access the 'yourspace' page:

    The following is a list of added features, changes and fixes:

    - Added ability to publish the output of MadMapper through Syphon for use with other applications, such as Syphon Recorder
    - Incorporation of a new version of Syphon that optmizes output performance
    - Extended tool bar (undo/redo + block affine transform) for manipulation using VNC on iPad

    - All surfaces have been provided with the ability to modulate their color

    Quad primitives:
    - 2D Billboard (no perspective transformation)
    - Bezier meshes
    - Link/unlink tangents for surface continuity (L shortcut, or right click in the UI)
    - Spherize
    - Show input mesh option (now hidden by default)
    - Show grid mesh option
    - Reset quad
    - Reset mesh
    - Mesh precision defaults to 16 with a maximum of 40
    - When using the mesh, the mesh is shown as a bounding rectangle instead of a quad for manipulting perspective
    - Offset rotate/scale handle when warping so they do not overlap with the mesh handles
    - When adding subdivisions to a grid mesh, it will not reset
    - Improved Quad selection procedure

    Input view:
    - Uses blending for rendering selected media
    - Context menu *right click* for some preset configurations (fulltage, top, bottom, left, right…)

    - Surface to stage
    - Mesh to surface
    - Mesh to stage
    - Multiple selection snap

    Movement constraints:
    - Shift + mouse constraints along the x or y axis
    - alt + keyboard constraints in perspective

    - Mask primitive invert option

    Circle Primitive:
    - Perspective adjustable using 5 points
    - Rotation in 2D or perspective space

    - Reveal in Finder button for image/movie media files

    - Unlimited Presets: allows for taking a "snapshot" of the current configuration

    - Additional background color defaults (grey, red, green, blue)
    - Toggle highlight background with a button in view toolbars
    - Stage size and stretch outptut options

    - Preview background image info is now stored in the project file
    - Hide cursor in output
    - Output curor moves to the center of the dragged handle
    - Undo stack goes from unlimited to 1000 commands
    - New icon file for .mad documents

    - Media
    - Linear filtering option
    - DMX
    - Fixture start channel
    - Advanced fixture mode (address surfaces instead of only master/media/preset)
    - Misc.
    - Show fullscreen on main screen at startup
    - Show extended toolbar

    - Handle or Quad jumping
    - Mask creation cursor remaining after selecting a different tool
    - Turning off Object Isolation shows mesh controls on non-selected Quads
    - Constrained Desktop ratio not working with prime numbers bigger than 800 x 600
    - Switching between Syphon media inputs displaying white frames
    - Undo problem with Quad rotations in the input window
    - Mask creation not starting when first clicking on the tool button to enable it
    - Overall speed optimizations and improvements

    New DMX fixture setup


    1: Master Fade (double)
    2: Highlight Background (bool)
    3: Show Test Pattern (bool)

    MM 1.1 DMX

    1: Master Fade (double)
    2: Highligt Background (bool)
    3: Show Test Pattern (bool)

    4: Select Media (int)
    5: play (bool)
    6: Go To Beginning
    7: Loop (bool)
    8: Scrub(double)
    9: Scrub fine (double)
    10: choose preset (int)

    fader triggers bool: 0 -> off/false, 1->255 -> on/true

    Extended fixture mode (enabled/disabled via preferences)

    21: visibility surface position 1 in stack
    22: opacity of surface position 1
    23: blendMode of surface position 1
       DMX value 0 : ignore alpha
       DMX value 1 : add
       DMX value 2 : over
       DMX value 3 : over premultiplied
    24: flip of surface position 1
       DMX value 0 : no flip
       DMX value 1 : flip horizontal
       DMX value 2 : flip horizontal and vertical
       DMX value 3 : flip vertical
    25: red of surface position 1
    26: green of surface position 1
    27: blue of surface position 1

    31: visibility surface position 2
    32: opacity of surface position 2
    33: blendMode of surface position 2
    34: flip of surface position 2
    35: red of surface position 2
    36: green of surface position 2
    37: blue of surface position 2


    We wish you a MAD maPPing year !

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