25,000 LEDs on 148 universes over ARTNET?
  • gabegabegabe
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    25,000 LEDs on 148 universes over ARTNET?

    by gabegabegabe » Mon Feb 16, 2015 12:45 am

    Hey everyone. I'm working on a huge LED wall right now. The client needs high density -- the total pixel count is coming to ~25,000 neopixel LEDs.

    with 170 RGB pixels on each universe, this comes out to about 148 Universes. We have 12 teensy boards equipped with OctoWS2811 adaptors that will break out the universe data to each set of strips. For artnet in, we have the wiz820io shield.

    Right now we're running stress tests. We have 159 Universes setup in MADLIGHT and a 30fps strobe test over Syphon from Processing alternating full white and black every other frame.

    By jockeying the settings in the Main Projector tab we can get performance improvements. Dropping the Main Projector output size to 250x250 and setting the Output Destination to "None" helps tremendously. Disabling the Main Projector entirely however causes ARTNET to cease sending to the LED strips.

    To achieve optimal performance, we noticed that the frame rate does even better when MadMapper is minimized... it seems that when its trying to render the preview in the window of the app it takes a performance hit.

    Has anyone else had experience pushing this many LEDs and found other tricks to squeeze out the best performance?
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    Re: 25,000 LEDs on 148 universes over ARTNET?

    by franz » Mon Feb 16, 2015 10:13 am

    for so many LED, i recommend, like you said:
    - reduce main output as much as possible, don't close it because it is "running" the art net
    - minimize MM (the little arrow)

    Are you outputting art net in Unicast mode btw ?
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    Re: 25,000 LEDs on 148 universes over ARTNET?

    by lotech » Thu Feb 26, 2015 4:20 am

    Just an FYI - We were running just 8 universes on the weekend via Art.Net (and a 2560x1440 video output) and had some pretty major slowdowns - it didn't crash - just would all stall for a second or two and then continue.
    Also MadLine just wouldn't draw a single line - click on the first point and nothing - this is 1.7.
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    Re: 25,000 LEDs on 148 universes over ARTNET?

    by birkjoa » Thu Jun 09, 2016 12:15 am


    I have the same setup with teensy and WIZ820io but running into problems when receiving more then 7 universes per teensy on 100Mbit. On 10Mbit it works. But then I have the bottleneck after 75 universes in total.

    How did you solve that?
    What ethernet library did you use?


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