Change Mapping for all Presets
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    Change Mapping for all Presets

    by cansik » Tue Jun 02, 2015 10:29 am


    Last weekend I've made an installation which was used on Friday and Saturday. On Friday, we mapped everything, added our DMX fixtures and created presets in the Preset Manager to switch inputs fast (We used MM2.0, so we could use seperate visuals for the light and the "normal" surfaces).

    As we arrived on Saturday, we had to add two new DMX fixtures and remap the visuals. Now the problem was, that we had to recreate all the presets, because the new DMX fixture should be available in every preset. During the evening we had to change the brightness of some static LED's, and again, we had to recreate all the presets.

    Have you ever faced this problem too?

    Is it possible to change a parameter for all presets in the preset manager?

    How are you dealing with changes?
    Or is there a hidden feature to simple change something for all presets?

    Cheers Florian
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    Re: Change Mapping for all Presets

    by franz » Thu Jun 04, 2015 10:46 am

    at the moment it is not possible to update an object in ALL the presets at once ...
    (presets at like a different file within mad mapper)

    We'll certainly change the preset system in the future (once 2.0 is released), to make it better,
    just like you suggested.

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