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PRO Mk2 configuration with madlight question

Posted: Mon Jul 27, 2015 8:16 pm
by a7medsar
so, i got PRO Mk2 connected to to dmx512 decoder, in the decoder i used output 1 and i hooked led strip to it. Using pro-manager the software that came with enttec device i was able to test that the light works.

now i just simply would like to know how to control the light using madmapper? in the tutorial on madmapper site it talks about the enttec device with the ethernet cable. PRO Mk2 does not have an ethernet. so how to get madmapper to configure and get to control the light? should i be making any fixture or anything? add any subnet mask details? where?

thanks so much! I'm so close to get this to work!

Re: PRO Mk2 configuration with madlight question

Posted: Tue Jul 28, 2015 10:09 pm
by franz
did you install the latest FTDI drivers ? ... _Guide.pdf

Re: PRO Mk2 configuration with madlight question

Posted: Thu Jul 30, 2015 12:30 am
by a7medsar
yes! i did. the problem i think was from all these drivers, there are two drivers that i installed, i have installed both D2XX and VCP drivers to my computer And it looks like they can't be installed at the same time. pro-manager require D2XX to be installed while VCP to be disabled in order for pro-manager to test the device. while mad-mapper seem to want VCP running and going. so now mad-mapper recognizes it. However. i can not seem to get mad-mapper to to respond to or send anything to the light


1- in the dimmer, what channel should i turn on or turn off? can i turn them all on? when i do the light keeps changing once it's powered, even if mad-mapper is turned off, or even if the computer is off.. as if it's like a default function or something ugh. ?

2- i create a fixture, and i know that each fixture control a channel, and each channel control a colour. however, doesn't matter how many fixture I'm making, nothing i could see in the light. everything is connected and it seems that the connection is correct? i got USB coming out of laptop into DMX Pro Mk2, then I'm using Mad-mapper to output to pro mk2, from then I'm using 3 to 5 pin xlr and inputting it into the led dimmer (decoder).